Hey Hey! It's me, Remington! I am most likely sitting at a local coffee shop right now, doodling on my iPad, listening to Bon Iver, David Ramirez, or Allen Stone and sipping on my third cup of black coffee. I am also probably gazing and drooling over the pastries on the counter, playing "eenie meenie miney mo" between the lemon bar or the coffee cake. At the moment, I am based in Stockholm, Sweden with my swedeheart of a husband (haha, see what i did there!?) but who knows where we will plant roots next year, always traveling!

I am a doodle enthusiast. (Illustrator sounds a little too serious for me.) My doodles scream positivity, hope and deep love through quirky, uplifting words and jolly colors!  I want my art to be the voice of a best friend. To me, a best friend should love you deeply, listen to you and also be able to call you to your highest self! I want my doodles to brighten someones day and be a kind reminder of how strong and worthy you are! I truly hope you find JOY being on this site!